Unique scrapbook retreats held in the Vegas area.


What is the Scrap Society?

Scrap Society is a group of scrapbookers, quilters and all kinds of crafters that gather in the greater Las Vegas area to share their passion for creating art, having fun and playing games.

Where are your retreats?

Our retreats are held at the Best Western which is located at 3041 St Rose Parkway Trail, Henderson, NV 89052.

How do I register?

Read the details of any retreat on the site, if registration is still open you can click the subscribe button to join that retreat.

Why are you asking for my address? 

We do not need your address that it “hard coded” into the checkout form. Your information is not shared and you are welcome to put in a generic address like 123 Main St.

What if I want to gift a retreat to someone or register for them? 

Our site only allows one registration per person. If you want to register someone else please use the Contact Us form to let us know and we can send you information on how to do so via PayPal.

Is there a waitlist?

Yes, use the Contact Us form to send us a wait list request. Please include your name, email and the retreat you want to attend.

How does seating work?

Each retreat guest will get a table that is 6ft to work at. These tables are gathered together in “pods” of 6 people. If you want to be by specific attendees please use the Contact Us form to submit seating requests. Seating requests do not carry over from retreat to retreat. Seating requests are also not guarantees. We do everything we can to accommodate sitting you next to someone you are registered with, but cannot guarantee that you will be seated in a specific area of the room. Also, if your group is larger than 6 people you may be at separate pods, but we will try to place pods close to each other.

What time do retreats start and end?

All retreats begin at 8am. Day retreats end that day at 10pm, while weekend retreats will go through the weekend and end at 5pm on Sunday.

What should I bring?

Your crafting supplies! We also recommend bringing a light sweater or jacket. We try to keep the temperature consistent but we do keep it on the cool side. We prefer to ask members to bring a sweater just in case, instead of asking for members to bring their bikinis.

What are your policies about children?

While we know many kids want to check the retreat out, and don’t mind visitors who stay for a minimal amount of time – registered guests must be 13 years or older.

What is the cancellation policy?

All cancellations must be submitted to by email, this can be done by clicking Contact Us.  Our full policy can be found here: Cancellation Policy

Anything else?

We want to do whatever we can to make your membership in Scrap Society a wonderful, productive and memorable experience. If there’s anything we can do to help, just Contact Us.